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This section is for those who think that by publishing illegal information on the Internet, they remain absolutely anonymous, and retribution for the committed crime will not overtake them (regardless of whether this person knows the Law or not). Even if, when ordering hosting, you knowingly provide false contact details and pay for our services in any anonymous way, this will not save you from liability. Finding a person on the Internet is still real. We may receive official appeals from law enforcement agencies regarding violations of the Legislation of Ukraine by our clients. In order to prevent or reduce the frequency of such requests, we can selectively check client sites for violations of the Legislation of Ukraine. At the first detection of a site that violates the Legislation or hosting rules, we block the account without prior warning of the user about it. If the user removes the site that caused the block, the block can be lifted. If the user violates the rules again, then his account is blocked without the possibility of recovery.

It is strictly forbidden to place on the hosting:

4.1 Gaming sites (sites of FLASH games, CS and LA, and others)

4.2 Crack resources (even if the site only contains links to files hosted on other servers).

4.3 Music and video archives.

4.4 Catalogs of non-licensed software, torrent trackers.

4.5 Porn sites, webcam sites, sites offering escort services, sites with erotic articles. This category also includes sites that promote the spread of pornography - sites with links to pornographic resources.

4.6 Sites distributing narcotic substances (medicines). The exception is those who have license. A notarized license must be sent to us).

4.7 Sites that sell diplomas, certificates, other documents, the right to issue which only relevant organizations have.

4.8 Parsers, scanners, proxy servers, traffic distribution systems (TDS), any software or scripts whose purpose is to illegally collect information.

4.9 Chats, irc servers, irc bots, proxies, anonymizers, cardsharing, spam scripts.

4.10 Ponzi scheme sites, any sites that can be recognized as such.

4.11 Other sites that violate the laws of Ukraine. Why do we block websites instead of writing about this user? So that the user does not ignore our warning and takes action.

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